About Jane


A Calgary native, Jane currently lives in Edmonton where she has been teaching flamenco dance since 2001. Her classes focus on proper dance technique and the understanding of the rhythmic and musical structure of flamenco so the dance can be approached with an improvisational attitude and an understanding of where dance fits with song, rhythm and guitar. She sings for her classes and regularly hosts guitarists and student singers for accompaniment as well as guest teachers for workshops in both song and dance.


Jane has been dancing since she was very young. Her early studies included many years of tap, jazz and ballet. She was finally bitten by the flamenco bug on a trip to visit friends in Seville, Spain during the Feria of 1996. Upon returning to Calgary the following year, she began taking classes with then Calgary teacher Marilyn Malinsky. Since then, Jane has taken classes from many teachers from all over Canada, the United States, France and Mexico, and has travelled to study in Spain and South America. Her studies focus on dance and also include flamenco history, song, percussion and piano.

Highlights of Jane’s education have included classes with such international artists as: Juana Amaya, la Cíntia, David Peña Dorantes, los Farrucos, Fuensanta “La Moneta”, Juan del Gastor, Manuel Gutierrez, Cristina Hall, Carmen Ledesma, Ramón Martínez, el Oruco, Sabas Santos, and many others.

Jane regularly returns to Spain to further her studies. Most recently, she spent an intensive month of study in Seville, Spain in the summer of 2016. She has also studied with Canadian flamenco artists including Claudia Carolina and Oscar Nieto.


In 1999 Jane was a member of the group “Flamenco Así”, performing in various venues throughout Calgary.  She had the great pleasure of performing at various venues in Calgary for the Oeste Canada Flamenco Festivals (2000 and 2001).  She has performed as a guest artist in Judith Garcia’s shows in Edmonton (2002 and 2003), in Rosanna and Graziella Terracciano’s Calgary production Flamenco 2! (2006), and in Annette Morcos’ Edmonton production Noche Flamenca (2007). She performed in the Edmonton production Flamenco y Ole (2008), in Tracy Cumberbatch’s Calgary production Ritmo! (2009), and in the Edmonton productions Tríptico (2009), Flamenco Song, Dance, Music, Stories (2010) and Sketches of Flamenco presented in Edmonton and Calgary (2012/13). Jane was a guest performer with Toronto group Ventanas (2014) and at the fundraisers for the Edmonton Flamenco Festival Flamenco at the Arts Barns (2015) and Flamenco at the AGA (2016). Her most recent production was Sunday Evening Flamenco at the Yardbird (2017). She is a member of the trio Flamenco con Tres, performing at the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser, Tapas and Tunes and the Edmonton Flamenco Festival promotion in the Winspear lobby (2015/16).

Producer and Director

As co-producer, Jane has presented: Flamenco y Ole, Tríptico, Sketches of FlamencoFlamenco at the Arts Barns, Flamenco at the AGA, and Sunday Evening Flamenco at the Yardbird.

Jane is the Artistic Director of the Edmonton Flamenco Festival and a founding member of the Flamenco Society of Edmonton.


In addition to her interest in the study of flamenco. Jane holds her ARCT in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking from the University of Calgary. She has been teaching piano to all ages since 1989 and continues to dabble in graphic design.