How can I find out what’s happening in the flamenco community?

There are many ways to keep yourself informed about current flamenco events in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the world.

The RESOURCES page (link above) contains a list of links to a variety of websites. If you don’t have the time to be constantly checking for new information, many of them include the option to receive automatic email updates in the same way that this site does.

Me and my classes:
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Our local community:
Flamenco Edmonton website – a collaborative information source for flamenco dancers, musicians, and aficionados in the Edmonton area. Contributing authors can post about events, classes, buy & sell, and discuss topics relevant to Edmonton flamenco.

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Our local society:
Flamenco Society of Edmonton website
Mission – To promote and facilitate local flamenco activities.To build and increase awareness about flamenco art in Edmonton and Alberta.To be an umbrella organization for local flamenco artists, schools, presenters, aficionados and community at large.

Members find – Outlet for creating and supporting flamenco related events (including and not limited to flamenco jams: palmas, cante, dance; movie nights, flamenco items exchanges, workshops and shows by local and visiting artists). Discount on selected Society events. Advanced notifications ( social media, emails) about flamenco events in Edmonton.

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Our local Flamenco Festival:
Edmonton Flamenco Festival website – Unfortunately the Festival came to a close permanently with the arrival of the pandemic. Our website and social media remain as an archive of everything we accomplished. Find out more about the team of people behind the festival on the ABOUT page. The EVENTS menu gives an overview of activities over the course of our history. The PHOTOS AND VIDEO page features stunning images and video.

The Edmonton Flamenco Festival was committed to raising awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Flamenco in the greater Edmonton community through an annual festival featuring international artists. The highlight of the festival was a main stage event at the Winspear showcasing traditional Flamenco. Our goal was to build community through performance, workshops, and outreach programs.

I encourage you to keep yourself up to date on current offerings in the flamenco community as this is a service I do not provide. The more involved and informed we are, the better our community will be.

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