I’m a beginner, what should I wear to the first class?

I tend to be a little informal about the first classes and recommend that you bring what you already have at home. We will discuss further at your first class.

Clothing: You should wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. Hips and knees need to be able to move freely and your arms will be going straight above your head potentially exposing your belly if your shirt is too short (please consider that this may bother other students in the class). It is common but not required for women to wear a long skirt that’s wide enough to not restrict movement.

Shoes: Preferably shoes that have a leather not rubber sole and a bit of a heel but a sturdy one. You will be lifting your foot up behind you from the knee so be sure to choose a shoe that won’t fall off. Character shoes are fine to start if you have them or would really like to get some. Beware of character shoes labeled “flamenco shoes” that aren’t from Spain or a reputable flamenco distributor. They are not any better than character shoes. Not sure what to wear? I recommend that you bring what you already have at home and we can discuss it further at your first class. The important thing is to begin and then we’ll take it from there. 

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