CDs/mp3s to practice with

Compás series

This collection of Cd’s is recorded by palo (song form). Each CD usually includes: one or two recordings of a full dance, including dancer, singer, guitarist and rhythm section; the same recordings but without the dance; compás alone and compás with guitar, both at varying speeds; …these are excellent for understanding each palo and also being able to practice and choreograph.

Ordering the complete CDs
You can order complete CDs from most of the international websites I’ve listed on the RESOURCES page, or you can order them directly from the production company’s website SÓLO COMPÁS. If you are wanting the full CD, I think the main difference is the method, cost and time for shipping that each site provides.

Downloading individual tracks as MP3s:
iTunes (with a little searching, and not all tracks available unless you download the full CD)
SÓLO COMPÁS directly (all tracks available individually, you just need to create an account)

I have downloaded MP3s from iTunes and SÓLO COMPÁS without problem.

I personally find the SÓLO COMPÁS site the easiest for finding and downloading MP3s.

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