Final class this Sunday

Hello Students,

A reminder that this Sunday, April 10th, is the final class of this session.
This class is only open to current students and those that have dropped in during in this session. Observers/guests/family/friends are not able to sit in on this class.

The schedule will be based on the following:

12:00 – each group will have a chance to review and prepare their dance together, followed by a general warm up as a group.

12:30 – presentations will take place by level, starting from the introductory class. I am happy to dance with each group if you prefer.

1:00 – we will watch a few videos and then head off to Remedy or Da Capo for food/beverage/conversation.

Please note the class runs from 12:00 – 1:30 for all levels.

If you have missed some classes within this session, and are not comfortable performing with your level, please do join us anyway even if only to watch.

My website does include a section where you can leave feedback about my classes. If you have any thoughts about my classes that you would like to share with me, you can post them by clicking on this link. Comments can be left anonymously and are not public. I’m always striving to make my classes better and appreciate thoughts from students.


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