Flamenco classes this weekend

Dear Students,

I’m happy to confirm that regular classes are indeed running this evening and our flamenco session will begin.

The studio we hold our Friday classes in is ready to go but at this time is the only one ready to use.  They anticipate having a second studio ready for the Sevillanas class as well and will confirm with me by 2pm.

Sevillanas students: please assume the class is running tonight and check the website after 2pm as I will post very clearly on the home page if the classes are running or cancelled. I will not be sending out another email.

Sunday students: because the studio is so busy on Sundays, they are still unable to confirm that we will have a studio to use.  I am meant to have confirmation by today. Remember we begin daylight savings this weekend and please check the website to see the status of classes before heading out to class. I will not be sending out another email.

My website again is www.flamencojane.com

Thank you so much for your patience as we sort this out.
hope to see you in class!


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