May – June Flamenco Classes and this Friday’s final class

Dear Students,

The registration information for flamenco classes in May and June is now available on the website. I am offering a 6 week session continuing on with the classes we have been working on.

These classes will run “à la carte” (formerly Modified drop-in which caused some confusion this term so I have changed the name and clarified the policy). Basically “à la carte” means you choose and pay only for the dates you will attend.  If you notify me your confirmed choices by April 30th, you pay your full fee on the first class at the registered rates ($15/hour, $12/hour for a second class on the same weekend). If you plan to drop in without advanced registration the rate is $20/hour.

Intro level students, I am finishing off the season with more advanced technique and learning to improvise to the cante in Tangos por fiesta using both material you have learned and new material.  This will give you the ability to join the multi-level performance class in the next session. Advanced students in this class are welcome to stay for the palmas portion of the next level to gain some exposure to the 12 count. Please check with me first.

Level I is a Bulerías por fiesta class.  We begin with palmas and then are working on improvising to the cante in much the same way that the performance class has approached Tangos.  Students in Levels I and above are welcome to attend.

Levels II will work on technique plus finishing and polishing the Soleá choreography.

Level III will work on technique plus finishing and polishing the Soleá por bulerías choreography. Note the earlier class time.

Performance class students please make note of the fee policy change! We will continue with Tangos, include Sevillanas and will add individual/small group performance segments for those that are interested in performing their choreography. Note the earlier class time.

Click here to go directly to the registration page.

Current students, please remember our final class of this session is this Friday night from 6:30 – 8:00 for all levels. This class is only open to current students and those that have dropped in during in this session. Observers/guests/family/friends are not able to sit in on this class. We do have a Performance class as usual on Sunday.

Each group will have a quick chance to review their piece. We’ll do a group warm up, each level will present their piece, we’ll watch a few video clips and head off for a coffee at a local cafe. If you are a current student but have missed a lot of classes this session and won’t be part of the presentation of pieces, please do join us as an audience member to get a taste of what other students have learned, see some inspirational video and meet other flamencos in our community. Attendance is not a commitment to perform.

Hope to see you in class!


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