Festival Flashmob! Society Potluck!

We have some exciting events coming up in our community next week.

Flamenco Flashmob!

As some of you have heard, the Edmonton Flamenco Festival is bringing their flashmob back to life in February. The plan is to get Edmonton flamencos together to dance the flashmob choreography in various public places leading up to the festival on March 10 – 12.

This year I was the choreographer so if you have taken previous classes with me, you will be familiar with many of the basics of the choreography. Much of the movement involved is learned in my Introductory level classes. If you’ve got some basic arms and have done a bit of choreography por tangos, you’ll be able to follow along. More advanced? There’s a lot of opportunity to put your own flair into the choreography. There’s no footwork involved and the attire is street wear.

The experienced flashmob dancers from the fall are offering two 1.5 hour classes on Feb. 3 and 5th for anyone wanting to learn the choreography. You can attend one or both and you’ll have enough information to take part. There is no obligation to perform. Please note, if you’ve never taken any flamenco dance before, these classes are not for you! They will be sharing the choreography, not teaching anyone how to dance.

Not dancing much flamenco anymore? Join us for a light-hearted event and reconnect with the community.

Been involved in flamenco for some time? We’d really love to have you there to share in the energy, serve as a guide for less experienced students, and represent the high quality of flamenco in our city.

More information and sign up (by Jan. 31st) at this link – Flashmob 2017

Flamenco Society Event

The Flamenco Society of Edmonton is planning a board meeting and potluck for society members on Feb. 3rd. Coming to the flashmob class? A bunch of us will head over to the potluck afterwards to join them.

Stay tuned to their website for more information – Flamenco Society of Edmonton


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