Flamenco Festival Flashmob round two

There’s been a great response to the recent festival flashmob classes with participants from all levels joining in. Missed out on the recent classes? Want to review what you learned? Just want to brush up on some cante and palmas? The festival is offering a new round of choreography classes and a second cante/palmas class with Stephanie Pedraza to work on the tangos from part 2.

There is plenty of opportunity to be as little or as fully involved as you like with singing, dancing, and/or clapping. Flashmob performances are informal. All levels are welcome and the attire is street wear. There is no obligation to perform.

Sunday, Feb. 11 at Sugar Swing
Friday, Feb. 16 at MarrMac (note that my classes are not running that evening)

more information and sign uphttp://bit.ly/2s5Y3cx

If you’ve got some basic arms and have done a bit of choreography, you’ll be able to follow along. More advanced? There’s a lot of opportunity to put your own flair into the choreography. There’s no footwork involved and the attire is street wear.

Don’t have any flamenco experience yet? Join in for the cante and palmas class and participate as one of our rhythmic clappers.

Not dancing much flamenco anymore? Join us for a light-hearted event and reconnect with the community.

Been involved in flamenco for some time? We’d really love to have you there to share in the energy, serve as a guide for less experienced students, and represent the high quality of flamenco in our city.

First performance dates are coming up and will be announced soon.

Hope to see you there!



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