Flamenco classes before summer?

Dear flamencos, 

It has been so great to be back in class! We have 2 levels currently thriving on Thursdays and are looking for some quick feedback about upcoming classes once this session is over so we can decide on how best to proceed.

I am hoping to have one more session of flamenco classes at Sugar Swing before summer hits. My plan is to continue with 2 levels, Thursdays at the same times, but for the next session the focus will be on footwork. Level 1 will stay within the song form of Tangos. Level 2, still within the 12 count. Character shoes or any shoes with a sturdy heel would be fine for beginner students. You do not need previous flamenco experience to take the Level 1 class.

If you are interested in a session of flamenco classes starting April 20, could you please take a few seconds to fill out the google form at the link below? Replying does not obligate you to commit to classes. Responses are anonymous so please only fill it out once so the response count is accurate. It is just 3 multiple choice questions about level and length of session. All the information about dates and pricing is at the top of the form.

The google form is now closed. You can find out about the next session and the link to register on my CLASSES page.

The next opportunity for classes after this will be in the Fall.


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