Final Flamenco Classes and Flamenco Festival Workshops

News in this update:

  • Final week group classes – April 10th and 13th
  • Flamenco Festival Intro/Beginner level class – April 21st
  • Flamenco Festival registration deadline – April 6th

FINAL WEEK GROUP CLASSES – April 10th and 13th

We have one more week of regular class before our final week of group classes. A reminder that students from all levels are welcome to attend both Tuesday and Friday evening group classes in the final week. Please note the time change on those dates.

Final week group classes – ALL LEVELS WELCOME
Tuesday, April 10 – 7:00 – 8:00
Friday, April 13 – 6:30 – 8:00

These final classes are combined group classes for all levels. This will give each level a chance to perform their dance for the other students and to see what other classes have been learning. Students are welcome to attend one or both nights. There is no obligation to perform if you prefer to just observe

On Friday, April 13th we will finish with a few videos to watch and coffee at a local café afterwards. Please note that these group classes are for current students only. Guests are not allowed.


The Edmonton Flamenco Festival has just added a festival baile (dance) class for Intro/Beginner students on Saturday April 21st. This class is aimed at students with up to 2 years experience. Participants should have a minimum of 4 classes of flamenco as a foundation.

Students in my beginner class, this is for your level! Don’t miss this chance to experience a class with top notch artists from Spain!

There’s a discount if you are taking the cante (singing) class that day as well. Cante classes are not just for singers! They are a great way to deepen your understanding of the dance. These por fiesta classes have students from all levels and we sing as a group.

Intro/Beginner level – Saturday, April 21st
2:15 – 3:15 – Intro/Beg – Baile – Tangos – Irene la Sentío – 1 hr
5:00 – 6:00 – All levels – Cante por tangos – José El Pechuguita – 1 hr

Single class – $42*/hour Early-bird  – $47/hour after April 6th
Package AA –  (Tangos class – Cante por tangos class)
2 hrs – $70* Early-bird / $75 after April 6th

Information and Registration can be found at this link.

The Early-Bird registration deadline for all festival workshops is April 6th.

Weekend cante (song) classes – for all levels.

I highly encourage everyone to attend. These classes are designed to practice singing as a group and even if you are not interested in singing beyond the class, are invaluable for deepening your understanding of the dance. Never been to a cante class before? Not to worry we tend to all help each other out. These are fun classes with a lot of students attending.

Weekend dance classes – for dancers with a minimum of 2 years flamenco dance experience.

  • Are you in my level I – III classes?
    The Beg/Int tientos workshop with Irene la Sentio is aimed at your level.
  • In my level III – IV classes?
    The Int/Adv level with Jairo Barrull is aimed at your level.

Information and Registration can be found at this link.

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