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UPDATE – online classes will not be taking place at this time

Wondering about my next flamenco session? Interested in some online classes while you are stuck at home? MarrMac students are keeping up with their technique at home while we wait for this all to pass!

Are you? How are your palmas coming along? This is a great time to work on arms, hands, and posture. If you have room in your home, marking steps and choreography. If you have enough privacy and space, why not work on your footwork technique?

Students, in the wake of the cancellation of the Edmonton Flamenco Festival, I have not had the chance to send out a message about upcoming classes. We won’t know when in-person classes are able to run again so I have not set up my post-festival class session. The Flamenco Society of Edmonton has also just announced they have cancelled their Community Show in May.

In the meantime, I am happy to set up some online classes to keep you occupied and engaged with the material we’ve been working on. They would not begin until April and would occur in real time as our regular classes do. Note that I am not offering free classes, nor am I offering to share or post recorded videos.

We are all facing a very uncertain future and a rather chaotic present. I completely understand if it is not in your best interest to sign up for classes at this time. There is no need to write me to explain. In fact I would prefer that you refrain from doing so as I am also overwhelmed with the situation.

For more information and to indicate your interest, please visit this link and we’ll see what might work for those interested.

UPDATE – online classes will not be taking place at this time

Stay safe and well and hope to see you once this has all passed.


ps – in case you have missed the updates from the Edmonton Flamenco Festival, we’ve been posting photos of past performances and classes along with tidbits about guest artists online. You can read recent posts and catch new ones on our:


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