Fall flamenco update

Dear Students,

A quick note to update you on my flamenco classes. In what would have been the start of my 20th year of teaching flamenco in Edmonton I find myself instead taking a semester off for the first time. As an independent teacher, I’m not comfortable hosting groups of students in person in the studio at this point. Insurance does not cover this type of situation and Marrmac themselves have had to put some pretty strict protocols in place to keep their studio running. Many people are finding this a very uncertain time, I think it’s best to wait until the situation improves and we can see each other in person again.

I hope everyone is managing in these very interesting times and finding ways to stay positive. I am taking advantage of the time to work on my own development. I hope you are inspired to do the same! Since March I have been studying quite intensely with my own teachers in Spain and will have a lot to share with you when we finally meet again.

I will re-update everyone in the New Year about if a Spring session of regular classes will be happening or not. Until then, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. If you have any questions or just want to connect for a chat, please do send me a note. I sure do miss seeing all of your lovely faces in class!

Here are some pics from the past few years to lift your spirits

Tangos master class with visiting Spanish dancer Farru, November 2019.
Tangos workshop with visiting Spanish dancer Carmen Ledesma, November 2019.
Romance workshop with visiting Spanish dancer Carmen Ledesma, November 2019.
Dancers Magdalena Difani, Jen Dunford, and Carmen performing the Alegrias from my Level IV class at the Flamenco Society of Edmonton’s 2019 Community Show. Photo – Earl Mckenzie
Song and Dance Workshops with Vancouver’s Stephanie Pedraza and guest guitarist Tosh Hayashi from Calgary – 2015
Soleá performers from my Level II/III class with guest singer Susan MacGregor and guitarist David Matyas at the Flamenco Society of Edmonton’s 2019 Community Show
Song and Dance workshops with Vancouver’s Oscar Nieto – 2015
Flashmobbers performing my tangos choreography created for the Edmonton Flamenco Festival in 2016/17

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